1. yasura ® fir

    • massive Swiss fir tree
    • natural finish
    • sealed with valuable oils
    • suitable for Germany
    • size: Ø = 260 mm, h = 270 mm
    • volume: 5 dm³ / weight: 1.670 kg

    CHF 385.-/ EUR 339.-

    Other urns:

    Mokkyu Fir tree "smart urn"

    yasura ® "smart urn" made in Switzerland are capable to hold an ash capsule up to 18 x 23 cm thanks to their bigger dimension and special opening mechanism. Nearly majestic, massive built and yet elegant and shapely. This special smart urn is produced in Switzerland in different versions and models especially suitable for German requirements and handmade of precious, natural Swiss Wood.

    We also manufacture the yasura ® urn in a version of peartree and maple wood or as "column" specially for Germany.

    All "Swiss" models of the yasura ® series are a little smaller and more compact - however, can not hold an ash capsule. With these models the ash is imbed directly into the urn. This is the common process in Switzerland and is also possible in Germany on your special request with the funeral director or cementary administration.

    Learn more: Swiss "smart urn" yasura ® "column" peartree.

    This urn is directly available in the studio urne.ch or can be sent to individuals by express transport. Conceived and created by "cosmicball".

    The design of yasura ® is protected and is handcrafted in Switzerland through URNE.CH. Swiss Made.
    Studio Zurich. All rights reserved.