"cosmicball" Thomas Schär on the cover of VITAMIN G with urn ball of love® chrom     l     picture: Yoshiko Kusano

"cosmicball" Thomas Schärwith urn ball of love® chrom     l     picture: Yoshiko Kusano


The department of health publishes the magazine «Vitamin G» twice a year, once in spring and once in autumn. In the dossier one central topic is discussed at a time. Next to which it offers background reports on the studies and further education, research and pracitices and informs about events for the generally interested public.


This issue is dedicated to the topic of "death" and "How can we shape our own death and the ones of our fellow people better?" Therefore "cosmicball" Thomas Schär was asked to participate. Urne.ch is a wonderful example on how the farewell of every single person can be arranged more personally and indivitually to their personality.

"Death piques our curiosity, but at the same time is looked at as a taboo topic. With my urns I try to build a bridge. They should appear modern, eradiate warmth and reflect the human being in its uniqueness."

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