urn sculpture room of silence® with urn ball of love®. Creation and design by "cosmicball" Thomas Schär

urn sculpture room of silence® with urn ball of love® by "cosmicball" Thomas Schär.     l     picture by Tanya Trybunalova

urn sculpture room of silence® with urn ball of love® by "cosmicball" Thomas Schär

room of silence®

Curation & exhibition director: Prof. Dr. Thomas Hensel with professorship at university of Pforzheim of art - and design theory.
director Institute for Human Engineering & Empathic Design Pforzheim (HEED) at university Pforzheim, departmenr of design

Curators Prof. Dr. Thomas Hensel and Bettina Schönfelder     l    picture: Tanya Trybunalova

"LUXUS!?" - exhibition - Pforzheim

The exhibition "LUXUS!? – positioned between opulence and asceticism" picks out historic, contemporary and future concepts of luxury as a centre theme. Therefore it focuses on the physical as well as the intangible assets. Central are consumables as well as works of the visual arts, which are set between the two poles "Too much is never enough" and "less is more". Invited to be featured in the exhibition is also urne.ch with their ball of love®, which is coated by room of silence®.


The place of the last rest and the aforegoing funeral culture build a rather taboo topic in a society focused on youth and adventure. With the label urne.ch Thomas Schär creates and distributes urns since 1998, which can be seen as an alternative to the traditional funeral culture. An urn should mirror a character in its uniqueness and show the orignin of life. Nothing stands more for that the universe itself, in which all life began. This universe also named cosmos, is qualized with the terrestrial globe. The urn "ball of love", made from varnished steel and aluminium is embedded in the encircling hemispheres of the from sand stone wrought urn sculpture "room of silence".


„Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.“
Coco Chanel

„Luxury is every effort that goes beyond the necessary.“
Werner Sombart

„I can't change the fact that my paintings aren't being bought. But the time will come, when people realize, that they're worth more then the colours they're painted with.“
Vincent van Gogh

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