"cosmicball" Thomas Schär

urne.ch and "cosmicball" Thomas Schär featured on the cover of VITAMIN G with urn ball of love®     l     picture: Yoshiko Kusano

exhibition Pforzheim - urn sculpture room of silence® with urn ball of love®. Creation and design by "cosmicball" Thomas Schär

Sibylle Heusser and Thomas Schär in the studio urne.ch by "cosmicball" Thomas Schär   l    picture: Simon Zangger

Der Bestatter (the funeral director): "Fabio" is being interviewed in the studio urne.ch by the 'Schweizer Illustrierten'.

Exciting projects from different countries were shown in the exhibition «Graveyard: Design» at the Bellerive museum.
   One example is the Zurich based project URNE.CH by cosmicball.

Guest at KURT AESCHBACHER: "cosmicball" Thomas Schär with his project urne.ch and ball of love® is interview guest in the 100. talk show
    "AESCHBACHER" on Thursday, 13. March 2003, SF1 - Topic: "Against the current"

Eva Wannenmacher reports about "cosmicball" Thomas Schär, ball of love® uand the collection URNE.CH on the show Kulturplatz
   by SF DRS, 16.11.05


Micha Lewinsky shot a wonderfully melanconic movie, which combines big topics like: death, grief, love and humor, in an unusual light mood.
A tragic comedy with depth, beautiful music by Sophie Hunger and unique Urns of the collection urne.ch.


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Urne.ch aims to contribute to the discussions around the topic of death & dying, and therefore enrich the funeral culture. That's the reason why we repeatedly search the public appearance and also show different well worth seeing projects around the topic.

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