ball of love ®

  • body in alu
  • dark violet high quality varnish
  • valuable stainless steel rotary-lock
  • not rotting, even when burried
  • limited & numbered: 6 ex. / year
  • size: Ø = 214 mm, h = 204 mm
  • v: 4.6 dm³ / weight: 1.750 kg / 3 kg
  • also small available

CHF 1680.-

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Mokkyu elegant dark violet metal urn, keepsake and symbol

ball of love ® redefines the urn and may also be seen as symbol, secret carrier, keepsake or art object.

Violet has many different meanings, it is both seen as a heeling colour as well as the colour of passion. ball of love ® may also be placed in the home area as a symbole of a beloved person or can be included in a special grave arrangement. For a longterm placing in exposed position outdoors, contact us for the special outdoor edition of ball of love® with extra strong stainless steel body. On request it is possible to mark the urn ball of love® or place a special engraving on it. This urn is directly available in the studio or can be sent to individuals by express transport. Conceived and created by "cosmicball".

The design of ball of love® is protected and is handcrafted in Switzerland through URNE.CH. Swiss Made.