sign of memory®

  • sign of memory® urn pendant
  • appletree/ macassar with glass loop
  • stainless steel & brass limited
  • with silver necklace "925" + CHF 45.-
  • with leather necklace + CHF 12.-
  • white gold platted necklace + CHF 95.-
  • handmade / hidden interior
  • size: Ø = 25 mm, h = 7 mm
ssl. CHF 395.- / br.: CHF 565.-

ap.: CHF 465.- / mac.: CHF 485.-

Other urns:

Mokkyu "mini" urn jewellery, secret carrier and memento

sign of memory® is a life companion to keep the smallest treasures of memories or a hint of ash of a beloved person with you at all times. No matter where you want to keep your sign of memory and how you want to use it, it is a symbol of life and the momentariness. Unique and premium quality. The "sign of memory" is made of first-class materials in a small numbered edition in Switzerland. Our newest collection is enclosed in inlaid, precious woods and awards it with a noble touch. This urn is directly available in the studio or can be sent to individuals by express transport. Conceived and created by "cosmicball".

The design of peace stone ® is protected and is handcrafted in Switzerland through URNE.CH. Swiss Made.