The positioning outdoors takes place as you wish and however you want to arrange it.
   Find some examples on impressions by URNE.CH by cosmicball.

Application area

Next to the conventional keeping indoors, ball of love® may also be placed outdoors. Especially for ball of love®
(Here especially formulated for ball of love®, also applies correspondantly for yasura® "metall" and mokkyu "chrome")

Guidance & Protection:

Next to the conventional function as an urn "ball of love" may also be seen as symbol, secret carrier, keepsake or art object. During the farewell "ball of love" is able to leave a last, unforgetable impression of the beloved person and through that offers a special memory. It can be helpful and consoling to keep this special urn close to oneself for some time after the funeral, before being ready to completely let go and giving the urn to the earth for example.
It is also possible to travel with the urn "ball of love" to a special place of the deceased person and then spreading the ashes there (CH). In this case "ball of love" can be kept as a special keepsake to bear in remembrance the beloved human. If requested it is possible to place an additional engraving on the urn - a quote, name and date or simply the coordinates of the ash spreading. Therefore, "ball of love" becomes a keepsake with a special story and can be included in a grave arrangement or be placed in an urn alcove.
The filling process of the "ball of love" ball requires a careful and professional handling. The protecting lacquer coat can not be harmed on the in- or outside of the urn. In case of an intended positioning outdoors several aspects have to be considered and if ble additional protection messures have to be taken, which increase the chance of intactness of the urn for a long period of time. Herefor, please contact URNE.CH. The indivitual consultancy concerning this matter is free.
Even though, only the best materials combined with the best finishing quality is used, generally no guarantee can be given, because there are too many uncontrolable factors influencing the situation. Through few additional protection messures and if be an additional protection cover of the ash, a long-lasting durability and intactness is possible outdoors. Especially the version of ball of love® "massive, of stainless steel", is suitable for outdoors. This has to happen in close collaboration and agreement with URNE.CH.

Outdoor urns:

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