1. mokkyu ® chrome

    • urn and sculpture
    • stainless steel & aluminium
    • high quality varnish and refined
    • chrome reflection
    • stainless steel & alu rotary-lock
    • handmade 3ex./ year
    • v.: 4.4 dm³/ size: 220 x 220 x 210 mm
    • exhibited at the art house

    CHF 3650.-

    Other urns:

    Mokkyu unique cube chrome urn and art object

    This special urn can also be seen as sculpture and art object and belongs to the series "design + art", objects with a special background and particular history. "mokkyu" is a Japanese word creation and a combination of the two words "wood" and "infinity". mokkyu ® is symbol of love, reflects the surroundings and universe. Conceived and created by "cosmicball."

    Information about a possible positioning outdoors: Learn more

    Present at the art exhibition "That One Moment": Learn more

    The design of mokkyu ® is protected and is handcrafted in Switzerland through URNE.CH. Swiss Made.