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Questions to "cosmicball" Thomas Schaer, taken from the interview by M. Haas, Nov. 2016

What does your work contain?
Since founding urne.ch in 1998, I am building up my own urn collection. I draft my urns practically the same as an archidect constructs his houses. Firstly I have a basic idea. From their I develope a concept, a design and a story all around the object, wereof a name is conceived. Each of my collection has a different name, as for example the "ball of love" for my round urns. Like that it can take a long time from the first idea to the developement of a proto type, even up to two years. Therefore my work is a artistic process, composed of conceiving, designing and realizing. After the manufacturing I finish and perfect them directly in my studio - like a print motive, an engraving or putting together the single pieces. In my creations it is very important to me that they resonate with the most diverese people as well as reflecting the deceased person. Depending on the wishes of the costumer I indivitualise the urns or develope a completely new concept, which on the other hand takes a lot more time and resources. On some selected exemplars or my collection some other artists have eternalised themselves.

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"Say farewell indivitually & creatively"

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