ball of life ®

  • contains clay urn cosmiccolours®
  • futuristic steel urn
  • limited & numbered
  • rustproof stainless steal, massive
  • weight: ca. 8.5 kg
  • volume: 4.4 dm³
  • size: 235 mm x 235 mm


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ball of life ® redefines the urn, it contains a ceramic urn made of clay, which can be used for a burial. As a momento and keepsake of a beloved person the urn can be placed in the home area or can be inclueded in a grave arrangement as a symbol. There are only few legal restrictions about the ash of a deceased person in Switzerland. Therefore, new ways of funeral culture are possible with ball of life ®, the inner urn cosmiccolours ® and its content.
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The urn ball of life ® is hand crafted with the highest Swiss quality, conceived and created by - swiss made. We only use the best materials, rustproof stainless steel, in its most precious execution. The rotary-lock is highly massive and elaborately made. Conceived and created in collaboration with "cosmicball". Learn more about this coproduction: "Archiv"

Information about a possible positioning outdoors: Learn more

The design of ball of life ® is protected, jointly deposited by "cosmicball" and is handcrafted in Switzerland through URNE.CH. Swiss Made.