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Direct shipping to private addresses.

Personal, individual and straightforward: Choose an artistic, hand made urn for a beloved person at any time through www.theurn.com or in contact with your council or the funeral director of your choice.

We are happy to advise you over the phone or of course in our studio urne.ch in Zurich or Basel.

Atelier Zürich: 044 301 06 00 (direct number)

Mobile: 079 308 06 00 (emergency)

Studio Basel: 061 303 06 00

Opening times are by appointment or:

Mon to Fri 10.30 - 18.00
Saturday on request

Request or Order
All urns represented on www.theurn.com are usually available immediately or prepared within 3 - 12 hours in the studio. Typically they can be safely delivered to your chosen address the next day.

Art & Design Exhibition in Pforzheim: 
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Arthouse Rapperswil "That One Moment": 
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Direct shipping from the studio

Straightforward ordering per email, order sheet or via phone, quick and safe. Direct shipping to private addresses, funeral institutes and funeral directors, sent from the studio urne.ch within 3-12 hours.

Over 100 different models

Opening times - Advice - Sales

Opening times by appointment or:

Mo to Fr 10.30 - 18.00

Saturday on request.

Direct: 044 301 06 00 (direct number)
Mobile: 079 308 06 00 (emergency)

We are happy to advise you personally. When buying an urn directly at the studio a 15 min consultation is included. The urn can be — depending on your preference — be taken immediately or be sent to an address, crematory, funeral director or other option of your choice. We are happy to handle all the logistics and formalities for you from there.

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Urn shipping - Fast - Reliable

Each urn is packed carefully, put in a firm box with protection and sent to the private customer with the bill. Cheap and sustainable delivery through the Swiss post office or on request with express or FedEx internationally.

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Payment Methods - Guidance

Direct in the studio: With credit card, Maestro, Postfinance or cash.


All prices include MwSt. taxes (Switzerland)

In case of an online order or order via phone: Straightforward bill included in package, online banking or through the phone with credit card.
In special cases and any cases over 800 CHF - a down payment has to be made.

General terms and conditions: TAC

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Am I allowed to buy a special urn for myself?

Yes, it is common and you're allowed to buy an urn as a free decision for a deceased person. You can place the urn in the living area or also outdoors and keep your beloved person in dignified and special memory and in your thoughts.
With our small ones "Objects for memory" and the "Pendants" for the memory you can keep a small part of the ashes back or create a momento on the website "www.placeofmemory.com" . If you want to spread the ashes in a special place later, you can keep the urn as a special momento.

Can I "buy" my urn whilst I'm still alive?

Yes, you can choose your very special urn now and buy it here.
The urn as symbol and companion, in which you keep very personal things...

Which regulations are there to be aware of?

We are happy to advise you about the regulations and handling of an urn.

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Trustworthy and empathic - contact with crematoriums and public authorities

Since 1998 we have built on our experiences in relation to the topics of farewell and memory, coupled with a holisitic philosophy that is foundational to our craft. We are always determined to treat your wishes empathically and we are aware of the immense responsibility which comes with the handling of the ashes of a beloved person. We would like to encourage the family members of the deceased to actively create a dignified goodbye for their beloved. The consultation is therefore friendly and discrete and we always nourish trustworthy contact with public authorities. This enables us to provide a professional administration of all necessary steps until the handing over of our special urn to the relatives and bereaved.

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Which urn fits?

The studio urne.ch creates urns in different forms, sizes and designs. You can get an overview in the category "collection" . In this category all urns are organised thematically. All standard sizes are ideal for an adult person. The urns which are in the category "mini-urns-stones" are suitable for keeping a small amount of ash - as a memento, to split the ashes or also for children.

Further urn categories:

Flowers for urns

Waterurn - Lake funeral

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Maps + directions

Version 1 from HB Zürich

Take tram 14 towards Stauffacher and continue to the Wiedikon station. Get off and carry on by foot in the same direction as the tram. Cross the Seebahnstrasse and the Weststrasse and then turn right into Zentralstrasse. Cross the Zweierstrasse and follow Zentralstrasse until you see on the right hand side the sign URNE.CH in front of the window.

Version 2 from HB Zürich

Take the train S-Bahn S2, S8 or S24 one stop to Bahnhof Wiedikon. Get off, cross the Seebahnstrasse and the Weststrasse and then turn right into Zentralstrasse. Cross the Zweierstrasse and follow Zentralstrasse until you see on the right hand side the sign URNE.CH in front of the window.

Version 3 from HB Zürich

Take tram 2 or 3 towards Stauffacher and further to the stop Kalkbreite. Get off, pass the tram depot, cross the bridge, cross the Seebahnstrasse and the Weststrasse and then turn left into Zentralstrasse. Cross the Stationsstrasse and follow Zentralstrasse until you see on the left hand side the sign URNE.CH in front of the window.

By car

Drive directly to Zentralstrasse 50 - the studio URNE.CH is really central and easy to find. Public parking spaces are available and if needed we can provide a parking spot as well.

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Idea - Creation - Design - production - direction

Thomas Schär

Owner and founder of urne.ch.
Has been designing, conceiving, creating and producing this special, handcrafted urn collection since 1996.

Learn more: cosmicball

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Céline Mosbacher

Coworker, Representation

Weronika Kepczynska

Coworker, Representation

Order - Request

Next day delivery by post or personal delivery.
Immediately in the studio urne.ch available.

studio: 044 301 06 00
(direct number)

Mobile: 079 308 06 00
(emergency number)


For a request or order please full in the below contact sheet.

We are going to contact you immediately and if needed advise you personally.

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