• For 20 years: Swiss Premium Urns - handmade and Individually created for a lasting memory

    Urne.ch is a unique urn studio with a showroom in the middle of Zurich and Basel and offers over 100 individual, classic and modern urns since its founding in 1998.

    The order and dispatch of the urns is possible at any time and at very short notice, including evenings, weekends and holidays. Please contact via email or call and tell us your concern. We advise you personally, sensitive and competent. We can deliver the chosen urn fast, uncomplicated and safe or hand it over personally to the respective authoroties or funeral parlour.

    Unique and artistically designed urns: "cosmicball" Thomas Schär, artist, designer, founder and owner of the company, conceives and creates every urn new from scratch. Thereby, the handmade urns receive their own identity, name and story. Urne.ch employs a small team of coworkers with a variety of talents and functions.

    In Switzerland it is common and legal, to purchase an urn for a deceased person. You can place the urn in the living room or outdoors, like this you can keep your beloved one in dignified and special memory. If you want to spread the ashes in a special place, our small urns and pendants can serve as a keepsake or even carry a little part of the ashes. If desired we will help you set up a commemorative star on the night sky of www.placeofmemory.com . If you want to spread the ashes later, the urn will stay as a momento.

    Costumers and their special wishes have top priority at urne.ch. We are happy to advise you in our studio surrounded by our urn collection. You are most welcome to order an urn from our swiss premium collection also at the funeral office at your community, the funeral director or directly and uncomplicated in contact with urne.ch.

    • Unique, individual urns
    • Over 100 different models
    • Personal consultation
    • Available in studio directly
    • Express shipping
    • Ready for shipment within 1-12 hours
    • phone: +41 (0) 44 301 06 00

    artful urns: