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    • Urne.ch is a studio and urn showroom in the middle of Zurich and offers individually created urns since its founding in 1998. Thomas Schär, owner and founder of the company, conceives and creates each urn new from its base. Through that the handmade urns receive an identity, a name and an indivitual story. Urne.ch employs additional co-workers with versatile talents and functions.

      Clients with their individual wishes are the first priority at urne.ch. Our urns are offered in diverse materials, colours and shapes. On some urns other artists have eternalised themselves. Next to these unique urns, urne.ch offers a professional and personal council at the studio urne.ch.

      Thomas Schär, also known by his artist name “cosmicball”, is not only director, creator and designer of new urn concepts at urne.ch, but supports young art with his platform youngart.ch and several art projects.

      The studio urne.ch is situated in the heart of Zurich at Zentralstrasse 50. With public transport the studio is very easy to reach. Next to public parking we offer a private parking space on announcement.

      Opening times studio & store Zurich City:

      On appointment Monday to Friday: 9.30am – 5.45 pm

      Saturday on request: +41 (0)44 301 06 00

      Artful urns:
      Individually and handmade from Switzerland: Over 100 different models

      "cosmicball" Thomas Schär

      cosmicball®: Idea - Creation - Design

    • Find out more about the idea and design of "cosmicball" Thomas Schär , the story of the creation and background of this unique, in Switzerland handmade urn collection:

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    • Our since 1998 built up treasure trove of experience in connection with the topics parting and memory as well as our wholistic idea of men makes the base of our action. We are always eager to respond your indivitual wishes sensitive and we are aware of the responsibility, which is required regarding the dignified handling of the ash of a beloved person. We would like to encourage the relatives to get active and creative together and arrange an indivitual farewell in favour of the decease. The conselling is friendly and discreet and we always nurse a trusting contact to authorities and crematories. This enables us a sincere realisation of all the necessary steps up to the handover of our unique urns to the relatives and the bereaved.

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      Which urn fits?

    • URNE.CH "cosmicball collection"
    • © cosmicball
    • The studio urne.ch creats urns in the most diverse shapes, sizes and designs. ou can find an overview of the all in the heading "collection", there all our urns are organized thematically. All standard sizes are suitable for an adult. The urns presented in the category "miniurns-stone", are suitable for the storage of a small ash quantity - as a memory, for a partition of the ash or for children as well.

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    • URNE.CH urn milestones
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    • Your question around the topic "special urns - farewell and memory" we would love to answer personally. Our contact: +41 (0) 44 301 06 00

      Is it permissible to buy a special urn by oneself?

      Yes, it is common and permissible to buy an urn in free decision for a deceased person. If you want to spread the ashes in a special place later, the urn can serve as a keepsake.

      Can I buy my urn during my lifetime?

      Yes, you can chose and buy your personal urn already now. The urn as symbol and life companion, in which you can keep personal objects.

      Which regulations are to be aware of?

      There are little regulations and restrictions in the handling of an urn. We are happy to advise you.

      question and answer
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      Flower arrangement for urns

      We are happy to advise you on possibilities for flower arrangements that match our urns.

      Learn more: Flower arrangements for urns

      Our contact: +41 (0) 44 301 06 00

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      Water urn - lake and nature funeral

      © cosmicball

      We are happy to advise you on the according possibilities to realize a lake, river or nature funeral with one of our water urns.

      Learn more: Water urn - lake funeral

      Our contact: +41 (0) 44 301 06 00

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      Case of death - crematory - funeral options

      We offer you a personal and individual councel around the topics of death, crematory and fire cremation.

      Learn more: death - crematory - funeral options

      Our contact: +41 (0) 44 301 06 00

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      Funeral cultures & traditions

      The fire cremation has been around since the beginning of the old cultures and has till today an especially high significance and long tradition. In pre-Christian times only wealthy Celts, Etruscans, Germans and later Romans could afford an incineration on the stake. In the meantimes the incineration of bodies was forbidden in the Roman Empire and only after the French Revolution the thought of cremation by fire came up again. The first European crematory was created in Milan in 1876.

      Learn more about the history of the cremation: funeral traditions

      Our contact: +41 (0) 44 301 06 00

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    • URNE.CH "cosmicball collection": 1996 - 2016
    • © cosmicball

      URNE.CH archive pages:
      This section serves as a nonbinding view and information. These pages are not being updated anymore and can be outdated. Pictures and text contents keep their validation with restriction. As reference to todays collection as well as all the prices, the newest online version of urne.ch applies, which you can find under www.urne.ch.

    • URNE.CH archive 1996 - 2016

      Further questions and answers in the archive of URNE.CH

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      ENGAGEMENT & ecology - archive

      URNE.CH has created its own cultural percentage and is involved in selected projects, as well as humanitarian and charitable institutions around the topic of death and life.
      Urne.ch is supporting the following projects:

      - Borneo - Conservation of the Dayak-peoples' livelihood
      - UNICEF - For children we move the world
      - Sepilok - Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre
      - Place of Memory - A place of remebrance
      - youngart.ch - Presents promissing artists

    • URNE.CH engagement ecology - sustainability

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      Milestone & publicity - archive

    • URNE.CH urn milestones
    • URNE.CH appearance media

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      All about the topic - archive

    • case of death - funeral - councelling

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      client feedback - archive

    • URNE.CH client feedback

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    • Characters

    • URNE.CH characters

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      Creation in the atelier urne.ch

    • URNE.CH Kreation "cosmicball" - team - cooperation - representation - advice
    • "cosmicball" Thomas Schär

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    • Place of Memory
    • Funeral Culture

    • www.bestattungskultur.ch
    • Death Dance

    • www.totentanz.ch
    • Death Cafe

    • www.deathcafe.ch
    • Farewell Culture

    • www.abschiedskultur.ch
    • Larry and Daisy®

      "Larry and Daisy" is a special, small-urn collection by URNE.CH for people with a distinct relationship to the animal and plant world. Some of these urns are also suitable as an object of memory of a beloved person, to keep this one in a special memory - other objects can be used as urn for a beloved, deceased animal.

    • The lovely crafted animal urs: www.larryanddaisy.com

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      Social Media

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      Culture & Art

    • www.youngart.ch

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      Costumer Service & Terms and Conditions, GTC

    • Councel and sale in the studio urne.ch:

      Further enquiries:

      We would love to advise you personally in our studio. In the premises of the studio urne.ch, surrounded by art and a unique, colourful urn collection, we invite you to an indivitual consultation. During the purchase of an urn in the studio urne.ch, a 15 minute councelling interview is included.

      Uncomplicated order:

      24h-online-shop on our website - direct shipping within 3-12 hours


      Shipping through urne.ch to a private person generally happens climate neurtal through the Swiss post office or through FedEx to the stated mailing address/ billing address. On request also express and personally delivered. Enclosed in the delivery is a delivery receipt. The urn is carefully packed. The delivery happens on the responsibility of the recipient. Valuable objects are sent by registered mail and are therefore partial insured. Claims because of damage are to be placed at the post office by the recipient. Urne.ch can help you with that.

      Value Added Tax

      All prices include VAT (Switzerland).

      Payment methodes

      Generally uncomplicated through provided bill, online banking or over the telephone also possible with credit card. Discretionary and from an amount of Chf 800.- an advance has to be paid. Depending on the situation and discretionary we welcome or encourage the payment of the bill in advance. In this case the payment with credit card or through online banking is possible with the bill, which we will send to you up front in pdf. Otherwise, the bill is sent with deposit slip encolsed in the parcel or the client receives a seperate letter with bill and deposit slip. In this case the payment through the costumer has to be carried out within 10 days after receiving the bill.


      In case of exceeding the time of payment, the costumer falls behind without special admonition. Urne.ch is authorized to charge admonition fees to standart conditions. In case of failure to pay open bills can be surrendered to a by Inkasso assigned company (Intrum Justitia, Eschenstrasse 12, 8603 Schwerzenbach). The company assigned by Inkasso is going to prove the open bills in their own name and their own bill and can ask for additional processing fee.

      General Information

      The current terms and conditions are available online and can be printed.
      Urne.ch reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without special announcement. Changes are updated on the website respectively. The offering happens non-binding and can be changed at all times without a special advertisement. The delivered objects stay the property of urne.ch until fully paid. Changes in price stay up to us. With the order the costumer automatically accepts our terms and conditions and confirms to have registered them.

      Data protection

      urne.ch meets all precautions to secure your personal data sent through internet, safely.

      Guarantee and liability

      Urne.ch is in an efford to provide access to the website without interrupt. However, urne.ch does not take warranty, that the access is possible at all time. There is no accountability to the constant access to the online ordering service by urne.ch.
      In case of misuse of online orders, urne.ch does not vouch for possible consequences. We assume no liability for literal errors on our website and in our catalogue. Furthermore, we assume no liability for damages, which occured after the handover through incorrect handling of the according transportation company.


      Previous to the delivery of a urne.ch urn, they are closely checked and carefully wrapped. Generally, a return is only possible in case of a manufacturing mistake or a defective delivery. Return based on a small difference in colour to the one in the catalogue or the web picture, is impossible.
      Cost of delivery and cost of handling resulting from an exchange or a return are charged, except in the case of a delivery default. In case of a delivery default absolutely contact urne.ch.

      Intellectual Property Rights

      All rights, especially intellectual property rights, rights of use and patent rights are reserved to urne.ch in relation to the costumer.

      Law ble, place of performance and place of jurisdiction

      The contract with the costumer is exclusively liable to the Swiss Law.
      Classified as place of performance and place of jurisdiction is Zurich, Schweiz.

      Version June 2016 / urne.ch

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      Air transport

    • We also offer urns with an airtight inner envelope, which especially is suitable for the transport via airplane. This secured transport is amongst others permitted by the Australian air fare authority. The required, official certificate for this, which confirms the professional, in vacuo and airthight sealing, is issued by urne.ch.

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      "cosmicball" Thomas Schär

    • Thomas Schär thanks you in the name of URNE.CH® cordially for your trust. We are constantly eager to optimize our services in the spirit of a modern and human funeral and farewell culture. Our hand made urn objects from the "cosmicball collection" shall represent uniqueness of a deceased, beloved person. Your valuable feedback supports and encourages us in our craft and we are looking forward to further feedback from your side.