1. ball of love ® apple

    • apple motive
    • stainless steel and aluminium
    • high quality varnish and refined
    • stainless steel rotary-lock
    • volume: 4.6 dm³ / weight: 1.750kg
    • size: Ø = 214 mm, h = 204 mm

    CHF 3500.-

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    Mokkyu apple [DESIGN + ART] BY COSMICBALL

    Already in the ancient world apple trees were cultivated and worshiped. Early on the human kind connected the symbolism of live, female strength and fertility with apples. Goddesses of love were portrayed with a basket full of apples, the goddess Nemesis held a branch of an apple tree in her hand. In Ancient Greece the god of fertility Dyonysos was also the creator of the apple tree. He dedicated the apple to Aphrodite as emblem of love and beauty. From the references of the bible a symbolism of not only temptation and sin, but also absolution is created. ball of love ® "apple" is limited to three examples. This urn is directly available in the studio urne.ch or can be sent to individuals by express transport. Conceived and created by "cosmicball".

    The design of ball of love ® is protected and is handcrafted in Switzerland through URNE.CH. Swiss Made.